Project Tips & Advice

  • Is the primary goal “Form”, “Function”, or “Fashion”
  • Determine a timeframe and be realistic.
  • Establish a budget as best you can. It is critical to do this prior to any design or construction.
  • Do you need plans? YES! – Depending on the size and scope of the project and your personal comfort level for being able to visualize how something will look will ultimately determine how detailed of a plan you will need.
  • Do not hire a contractor just because he has the lowest price!!!! What are you getting for that price? Examine all estimates! Remember, you get what you pay for!
  • Plan on extras, changes and/or unforeseen problems.
  • Start looking at fixtures, finishes, design ideas, and magazines as soon as possible. Save magazine pictures.
  • Will you be living in your house during the project? If so, consider how you will be able to deal with the activity in and around your home during the remodeling process. We make every effort to keep you feeling comfortable and secure during the process. However with some projects you may be without a Kitchen or Bathroom while renovations are being done.
  • Remove and protect all valuables.
  • Consider any Historical or Homeowner Association issues before you get too far along.
  • Look and/or ask around your neighborhood for things that catch your eye.
  • Try to have as much of the above information, as well as a copy of any architectural plans, sketches and a plot plan, available for us to review at our initial consultation.

The best way to prepare for your construction project is to talk to your contractor! By clearly communicating your creative ideas, asking the right types of questions, and listening to your contractors’ feedback, you’ll know if you have right person to undertake your project.