Stadtman Remodeling & Contracting is a full-service contracting company established by Chuck Stadtman, with a simple goal in mind… provide an unparalleled commitment to quality and customer service before, during and even after each and every project. Chuck knows that if you can keep a client happy before and during their project by providing excellent service and a beautifully finished product, then that’s just the beginning. “If we’ve done our job right, then it’s a natural progression from a short term project to a long term relationship, and in turn, the company will continue to grow through repeat business and referrals… and nothing says you’ve done a good job more than a referral. There is nothing more rewarding than getting a new customer based on the recommendation of a happy client. It is the best complement that someone can give”.

Stadtman Remodeling & Contracting is committed to integrity, quality, attention to detail, and excellence in service for all of our customers. Whether it’s the structural repair and complete renovation of a small apartment building, a new family room addition, a complete office makeover or just a simple bathroom renovation, each project receives the same attention to detail and service, ensuring the end result is a superior level of quality and finish with a high customer satisfaction. Unparalleled excellence in craftsmanship and attention to every detail are found in every project we do, no matter the price range.

Stadtman Remodeling & Contracting will offer as much insight as possible regarding a project in order to give its customers a real perspective of what lies ahead. Helping customers understand the process and procedures of their project is necessary to provide them with a higher level of comfort and understanding; it provides realistic expectations and helps to reduce anxiety throughout the project. And after all, high customer satisfaction and superior quality does not come by accident. It takes commitment, organization, industry knowledge, quality control and leadership. It is our effort to continually improve our services while giving our customer more than expected that helps to keep us ahead of the competition. And when all is said and done, there’s nothing quite like that gratifying feeling you get that comes from a quality job that you’re proud of, the look of excitement in the eyes of your customer, and the creation of another relationship.

Stadtman Remodeling & Contracting has contracted for:

Publicly & privately held companies, State & County agencies, non-profit organizations, homeowners, architects.